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What's my age again?

I'm strange and unusual, with the most perfect boyfriend ever, I enjoy stealing my James' clothes, eating and guns n' roses.

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abigailalways asked: Best friends have a way of always coming home and it being like nothing has changed. I wouldn't worry about it. If you tell her why she'll probably understand and love you even more! :)

She’ll probably come on my tumblr and find out soon enough bless her xxx

Anonymous asked: Why is it goodbye? Would you be able to visit your friend?

Basically no, I live in Portsmouth and I mean that’s 255 miles away and about 5 hours in the car, not to mention the fact that I don’t have a car and I don’t shit out money. 
She’s going for 4 years, but can we just appreciate her because I have had the shittiest best friend before her (mentioning no names) and she’s the only one who stuck by me and I’m not very easy to get along with at the best of times. 

Anonymous asked: Whats breaking your heart? x

My best friend is moving to Huddersfield University, and I chickened out saying goodbye because I knew I would just break and now I feel like a terrible best friend

I’ve never felt heartbreak like this before