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First thing's first
I'm the realest

I'm strange and unusual, with the most perfect boyfriend ever, I enjoy stealing my James' clothes, eating and guns n' roses.

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heroin addicts
Anonymous asked: And... I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff before I run away. So I'm back. But I'm running away NOW. And... you're welcome.

Hahaha oh dear :’) xx

Anonymous asked: But ANYWAYS. Love your blog. And you're gorgeous. I'm just gonna go run away now... Yup.

Aw thank you hunnie xx

Anonymous asked: Nope. The other guy. Mr. Depp is being a pirate at the moment. I saw him right over there.

Well darn

Anonymous asked: you're so pretty and you're blog is so perfect. asdfjkahfkhgkdsjfkjf

You’re a absolute cutie pie, thank you so much xxxx

Anonymous asked: ...Willy wonka will not be pleased.

If it’s Johnny Depp then he will be pleased soon 

if you know what i mean